Letter From The President

Thank you for your interest in the New England Chapter CMAA.

Our commitment to excellence in club management is part of our values, demonstrated by our membership and embodied through volunteer leadership. Our network of colleagues within our chapter spreads professionalism through education, networking and work ethic to the highest level and supports personal growth and specialized trainings by our members.

We support the club industry, communities, fellow members, and allied associations. We provide opportunities for our fellow club managers through educational seminars, chapter meetings, executive career services, health and welfare as well as the constant dissemination of industry specific information.

We believe the management of clubs is a rewarding profession. Members of our association are accountable and committed to exhibiting integrity and sound business ethics while promoting camaraderie and friendships. Our unending goal of providing a continuous stream of information and education to our fellow managers encompasses the vital tools to promote the highest standards in leadership.

Gregory Cincotta, CCM, CCE
President of New England Chapter CMAA

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