Professional Development Scholarship

Carol Bliss, CCM, CCE & Geoff Piva, CCM, Co-Chairs

[email protected]

This scholarship aims to provide funding for professional development opportunities to New England Chapter managers in achieving their CCM, Honor Society, CCE and MCM designations and CMI maintenance obligations. The funds awarded are to help offset the tuition expenses of attending the programs outlined.

1) The NECMA Foundation Professional Development Scholarship is a needs based scholarship and reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, a sub-committee of the Chapter Board and then presented to the New England Chapter Board for approval.

2) They are awarded to the following individuals:

a) New England Chapter members who are seeking the CCM, Honor Society, CCE or MCM designation or in need of maintenance requirements and

b) Whose club pays none or partial costs associated with achieving said designation or maintenance

3) The application must be submitted prior to attending the class.

4) Completed applications are to be sent to New England Chapter CMAA, Attn: Scholarship Chairman, PO Box 832, Hampstead, NH 03841. Or emailed to [email protected]

5) All applications must meet the requirements listed below. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

6) Percentage awarded depends on if the New England Chapter Member is seeking the CCM designation or has already achieved their designation.

7) Scholarship recipients will be notified by the Committee in writing.

8) Professional Development Scholarship check will be paid to the manager once proof of payment to attend the BMI, Annual Conference, LLC or other approved classes is submitted to the Scholarship Committee. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be an active New England Chapter member for at least one full year
  • 10 Chapter credits earned during the previous year the Scholarship is being requested
  • Be current with dues both the New England Chapter - CMAA & CMAA
  • Have submitted prior to attending the class
  • Completed application submitted 
  • Professional resume sent with the application
  • Letter of recommendation from General Manager (or equivalent) or Current Club Member
  • One page letter stating career direction and why you may be deserving of the scholarship per the application

*Proof of payment will be required upon receipt of award

Professional Development Scholarship Committee

Carol Bliss, CCM, CCE & Geoff Piva, CCM

Scholarships will be awarded for the following programs as a percentage of the tuition/registration fee:

Seeking CCM CCM Achieved
BMI Club Management 100% 50%
BMI Leadership Principles 100% 50%
BMI General Manager/COO 100% N/A
BMI Tactical Leadership 75% 100%
BMI Strategic Leadership 75% 100%
BMI Food & Beverage 100% 50%
BMI Golf Management 100% 50%
BMI Distance Learning Courses 100% 100%
National Conference Registration 100% 100%
Mid-Managers Conference Registration 100% 100%
LLC Registration 100% 100%
Review Conference and Exam 100%
Proctored Exam Fee 100%
Manager in Development 100%
CMAA Summit 100% 100%

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