NECMA Benevolent Program

The New England Club Managers Association, the Original Chapter of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) is proud to announce the formation of the New England Club Managers Association Benevolent Program. The Program’s Mission is to help NECMA Managers ease financial burdens in a time of need or crisis allowing for an improved peace of mind.

The Program was unanimously approved by the NECMA Board of Directors and has been funded with an initial monetary contribution of $10,000. The following outlines how the Program is managed and funded:

  1. The Program will be managed by the Executive Committee of the New England Club Managers Association to include the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Managing Director. This is to respect any confidentiality and timing if a request was urgent to execute in an expedited manner.
  2. The Program will continue to be funded through the NECMA operating account and placed in NECMA’s yearly operating budget.
  3. A monetary transfer will take place on a yearly basis to get the program to a “High Level”.
  4. The “High Level” will be determined by the Executive Committee and approved by the NECMA BOD.
  5. Should the Program reach the “High Level”, the Executive Committee may elect not to make a monetary transfer into the account for that year.
  6. If the Program remains at the “High Level” for the following year, the Executive Committee again may elect not to make a monetary transfer into the account.
  7. There may not be more than two (2) consecutive years without a monetary transfer made even if the program remains at the “High Level”.
  8. Should the account be used, a monetary transfer must begin again on a yearly basis to get the account back to the “High Level”.
  9. The yearly monetary transfer will be voted on by the Executive Committee at the last BOD meeting before the Annual Meeting.
  10. The amount transferred will be announced to the BOD and NECMA Membership.
  11. A separate bank account will hold the Program’s funds away from the NECMA Operating Account and away from the NECMA Education Account. The purpose of a separate account is to have transparency of activity and to not allow the funds to be used in any other way unless voted on by the Executive Committee and the NECMA Board of Directors.
  12. The Account will be managed by the Executive Committee and will decide on all financial matters for the Program.
  13. Monetary awards will be considered at any point during the year.

The following will detail how the Benevolent Program process works:

  1. This is not intended to be applied for. It is to be a thoughtful gift to a NECMA Manager in a time of need.
  2. The Executive Committee may rely on the NECMA Membership to be informed of a situation falling under its jurisdiction.
  3. Once the Executive Committee is made aware of a need, they may ask for further clarification or details pertaining to the situation; not to be intrusive but to ensure they have the facts and the need correct. The Executive Committee will make sure there is a need and may elect not to act.
  4. The Manager receiving the gift does not need to be the one who informs the Executive Committee but he/she may be the one to inform of their need.
  5. The Executive Committee and the informing Manager may decide to keep it confidential or inform the Membership.
  6. If an award is permitted, the NECMA Membership will be informed through the Annual Report without any details to preserve the confidentiality and privacy of the situation if warranted.
  7. Whether or not to award funds and the dollar amount will be determined by the Executive Committee.
  8. The Executive Committee may ask for further input from the NECMA BOD prior to making a decision.
  9. At least three (3) Executive Committee members will be necessary to approve the worthiness of an award, the amount and the type (see below) of the award.
  10. The approval process may be done electronically or via conference call if no meeting is scheduled.

The following will outline examples of the reasons for gifting and who is eligible:

Sample reasons (this list is not intended to be all inclusive)

  1. Illness of a NECMA Manager or immediate family member of the NECMA Manager to include:
    1. Spouse, significant other, child or stepchild.
    2. Exceptions to this list may be considered at the Executive Committee’s discretion (grandchild).
  2. Assistance in the case of a long term disability.
  3. Extended period between jobs due to an unexpected separation.

The assistance may not come in the form of a direct monetary gift. Other ideas and considerations may be considered.

  1. Examples: (this list is not intended to be all inclusive)
    1. Meals
    2. House cleaning, home maintenance
    3. Transportation, Accommodations
    4. Coordination of services