Winter CMI Webinar

Event Date:

Education and Business Meeting



Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Join us for a joint webinar with the Pittsburgh Chapter.
Topics to include
Change Management: Debunking the Myths, Exploring Solutions
Leveraging the Powerful Effects of Body Language in Life and Work
Establishing Leadership Presence to Be Your Best Professional Self


Program Schedule
9:35-9:45 AM Check-in
9:45-10:45 AM Program #1
10:45-10:55 AM Break
10:55-11:55 AM Program #2
11:55 AM-12:30 PM Lunch
12:30-1:30 PM Program #3
1:30 PM - New England Chapter Strategic Plan Presentation - Christian Coulter, CCM, McMahon Group

Tammy Manko, Meaningful Life, LLC

As the owner and founder of MeaningfulLife, LLC, Tammy Manko has experience and expertise in the areas of body language, leadership, student development, career and workforce readiness, etiquette, service-learning, career development, multigenerational workplace, positivity and motivation, relationship building/networking, customer service/experience, and various professional development topics. She holds a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, a Master's degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education, and a Bachelor's degree in English with minors in Law and German. Her day-gig is serving as the Director of the Career & Professional Development Center at IUP.

In addition to public speaking, career services, and employer relations, her experience in higher education includes leadership development, service-learning, community service/volunteerism, student activities/programming, and fraternity-sorority affairs. Tammy has served and continues to serve in various leadership roles within professional organizations and has won numerous awards for her leadership and contributions in higher education.

Program 1 Title: Change Management: Debunking the Myths, Exploring Solutions

Program Description
Certainly, 2020 was a year filled with change requiring the need to respond, to pivot, to adapt, to overcome. Managing change within an organization can be challenging. This presentation offers insight relative to the myths associated with change as well as strategies for effectively managing change.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes
• Participants will identify myths associated with change
• Participants will understand the challenges associated with change
• Participants will learn strategies for dealing with and managing change effectively

Program 2 Title: Establishing Leadership Presence to Be Your Best Professional Self

Program Description
Leadership is integral to professional success no matter the position we hold within an organization. Regardless of what you believe about how leaders evolve -- they are born, or they learn to be leaders, or some combination of these -- we all have the capacity to lead. Part of being a leader, however, is being seen and being respected as a leader. How do we make this happen, especially if it doesn't come to us naturally? We establish leadership presence using tips, tricks, and tools based on best practices and research. This presentation will provide you with tactics for standing out as a respected leader in your organization and in life.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes
• Participants will increase awareness of their leadership effectiveness
• Participants will develop an understanding of leadership presence
• Participants will gain knowledge about developing and advancing leadership presence

Program 3 Title: Leveraging the Powerful Effects of Body Language in Life and Work

Program Description
Body language is a powerful tool, thus knowledge regarding body language provides insight into your daily professional and personal interactions with others. Whether you're reading a prospective employee in an interview or dealing with a challenging member in difficult circumstances, understanding body language will allow you to operate with ease and effectiveness.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes
• Participants will learn general information about body language that will aid them in various work and life settings
• Participants will gain an understanding of how to use body language in their daily interactions to communicate with coworkers and club members more effectively
• Participants develop an understanding of how to read body language in their daily interactions, thus enabling them to engage others more effectively

Members that attend the full education will receive 3 CMI credits.