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Blue Hill Country Club is a member-owned and private club with 27 holes of championship golf. Our 18-hole Main Course was designed in 1925 by Eugene “Skip” Wogan, one of golf’s premier architects of the Classic Period. In 1961, Mr. Wogan’s son, Phil Wogan, provided the design for the club’s 9-hole Challenger Course. Together the courses offer challenge and enjoyment in equal measure, attracting such prestigious tournaments as the PGA Championship in 1956 and the Ping/Welch stop of the LPGA Tour for six consecutive years.

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Blue Hill Country Club is a member-owned facility offering 27 holes of golf designed by Eugene "Skip" Wogan, award winning tennis programs, swimming pool complex and multiple dining venues offering both casual and fine dining. The club hosted the 1956 PGA Championship as well as a six-year tour stop on the LPGA Tour.

The General Manager serves as a true Chief Operating Officer of Blue Hill Country Club managing all club operations including supervising the Golf Professional and Golf Course Superintendent and implementing the policies established by the Board
and by-laws of the club.

The incumbent develops operational policies and is responsible for the creation and implementation of standard operating procedures for all areas of the club. This includes oversight and preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets and, after Board approval, the management and control of the operations to attain the desired results.

The General Manager coordinates all management functions of the club and works in concert with committee chairpersons to assist them in the development of proposed policies, programs, events, etc. In general, the incumbent consults with the Board and/or committee chairs on all matters of significance or potential significance to the club.



1. Provides quality leadership and a positive upbeat image for the club and its
facilities. Leads with the dictate to provide members with premier service, top
quality products, and an exciting calendar of club events. Maintains detailed records on all club events.

2. Assures the smooth, efficient daily operation of the golf course, pro shop,
clubhouse, tennis facility and swimming pool to provide the members and guests
with a suitable environment to enjoy the amenities of the club.

3. Oversees a top-flight food and beverage operation, with appealing menus,
properly priced, and featuring outstanding service. A strong banquet and
catering operation is one of the cornerstones of this great club's heritage and

4. Provides an enjoyable, challenging golf experience for every member and guest
regardless of their skill level through active management of the golf facilities and

5. Addresses and promptly resolves all member complaints and actively solicits
feedback regarding general service, employee attitude, maintenance, and
cosmetic appearance of the facility.

6. Furthers his/her own continued development as a club management professional
by participation in appropriate Club Managers Association of America (CMAA)
seminars and conferences, and others as approved, thereby enhancing his/her
value and quality of services to the membership.


1. Conducts regular performance reviews with all management staff highlighting
strengths, areas for improvement and setting follow-on goals. Likewise, works
hand-in-hand with department heads pursuant to the appraisal, discipline,
and/or discharge, of their subordinates.

2. Interviews and appraises all applicants for key positions, and exercises 
approval authority over all hiring.

3. Coordinates with the Board and Executive Committee as appropriate on all
department head compensation, benefits, performance appraisals, disciplinary,
and other significant personnel actions.

4. Provides for the training and further development of all department heads and
other personnel. Instills the concept of team management in all employees.

5. Ensures that a positive and healthy working environment exists throughout the
club, one that is free of safety risks and all forms of employee harassment.

6. Maintains the proper and timely maintenance of all necessary employee records,
to include performance appraisals, discipline, and complimentary records,
payroll and benefit details.


1. Prepares annual operating and capital budgets with Controller and Board
approval, manages and controls the operations to attain the desired results.

2. Provides oversight for all department heads, professional staff and key personnel
ensuring accurate budgets and capital spending plans are developed/executed
and all appropriate fiscal controls/operational guidelines are implemented.

3. Installs controls and cost-effective procedures related to employee payroll,
purchases, inventories, and supplies. Follows up on major matters to ensure

4. Responsible for the approval of contracts, all accounts payable, all labor cost
payouts, and maintains them within the constraints of the budgets and through
close coordination with the Board of Directors.

5. Ensures the maintenance of an up-to-date management information system,
which can be counted on for timely and accurate information for all parts of the


1. Develops ongoing dialog and rapport with club members through recognition,
communication, the newsletter, website and follow through. Assures satisfactory
communications between the club members and employees.

2. Coordinates a program for the introduction and orientation of new club
members, and new board members.

3. Keeps the President and Board of Directors, or in the President's absence, the
appropriate Director or committee head, informed of all significant, or potentially
significant, operating matters and problem areas.


1. Assumes responsibility for all club administration and community relations.
Aggressively markets the club to potential members and the banquet/catering
business to perspective clients in the community.

2. Consults on policy and changes in the structure and operations of each
department, suggests changes, and may direct the implementation of change.

3. Provides for the security of the club, its environs and members' belongings.

4. Responsible for the general care, maintenance, and upkeep of the physical plant
and all facilities, to ensure that appropriate monies are available for said upkeep.

5. Interfaces with appropriate individuals and organizations of all types being sure
that the club interests are properly protected and furthered.

6. Delegates appropriate authority to department heads, yet remains responsible for
all operations of the club, making those changes deemed necessary for the club's
successful operation.

7. Ensures the maintenance of an effective purchasing program. Monitors complete
compliance with purchasing policies and practices.

8. Recommends and supervises all capital projects.

9. Assures that the club is operated in accordance with all applicable local, state and
federal laws.

10. Attends meetings of the Board of Directors and those committees to which
he/she is designated an ex-officio member or is desired as a participant.
Arranges for proper minutes to be maintained for all committee meetings.

Salary commensurate with experience.  Other benefits include Medical, Life
and Dental Insurance, 401-K and Long Term Disability.  Full CMAA Package including 
Dues, Professional Development and applicable travel is included.

Interested applicants should send resumes to John Faldetta
Blue Hill Club President -

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